One year of the virtual open mic – got something special for next week! πŸ·

a ONE YEAR anniversary for our virtual open mic. how surreal we’ve been doing it for so long! πŸ€ 

to celebrate, next week (Thursday 25th March) will be an extended open mic, starting at 4pm and going all the way through til around half 10 with extended sets from the amazing talents of Harrison Rimmer Mike Collinson Music Nat Dempsey Matt Finn Blacksheeplad and our very own michael webster! 🀟

a huge thank you to each of these artists for playing so much for us and keeping live music going in a time of coronavirus and pandemics! β€

if you’d like to play, just let us know! we’ll be popping up a post in our Bread Social group – all streams will be in the group next week! πŸž

Cream of the Crop: 20th March is this weekend πŸ·

we can’t wait for our next gig on Saturday – Cream of the Crop: 20th March 🀟

there’ll be livestreams from the fantastic talents of Harrison Rimmer Mike Collinson Music Minervadaisy and Edward Thomas😊 proper great lineup! don’t miss out.

you can find all of the streams on our Facebook page from 1:30pm on Saturday 20th March – sure to be a boss one. not long til we can get back to doing this in real life! 🍞

we’ll attach some links for you to listen to below! 😊

Fresh Batch with Bryony Drake is tonight! πŸ·

our next Fresh Batch livestream is tonight from 8pm with the amazing sounds of Bryony Drake (Music) 🀟

we can’t wait to see what she’s got in store for us tonight – expect some amazing originals and a whole bunch of top covers 😎 go and check out Bryony’s music in the meantime over on Spotify atΒ πŸ‘Š

make sure you tune in tonight – we’ll be live over on Facebook, catch it on our page or over on Bryony’s page! 😊 find out more at our FB eventΒ Fresh Batch: Bryony Drake! 🍞

Fresh Batch: Bryony Drake! β˜€οΈ

annnnd we’ve got our next Fresh Batch livestream for you! 🀟

this Sunday at 8pm (14th March!) we’ll have the amazing Bryony Drake (Music) performing a set for us – she’s played our virtual open mic a few times now and it’s always a great one to catch her sets. such a talent! 😊

if you’re not familiar with Bryony’s music, then head over to where you can find all of her singles! 😎

make sure you tune into this one, 8pm on Sunday – gonna be fantastic! find out more at our Facebook event Fresh Batch: Bryony Drake! 🍞

Cream of the Crop: 20th March! βœŠ

we’ve got our next Cream of the Crop songwriter livestream coming up on the Saturday 20th March! 🀟

featuring music from some amazing talent, including Harrison Rimmer Mike Collinson Music Minervadaisy and Edward Thomas – looks to be a boss one! 😎

it’ll all be live here on Facebook and you’ll be able to catch it on each of the artists’ pages, or on our page here at Bread Records! 😊

keep your afternoon free for this one, 1-5pm on the Saturday 20th March! 🍞

find the event on Facebook at Cream of the Crop: 20th March 🀠

‘WOMEN WHO BOSS IT’ event! tomorrow night! β˜€οΈ

this is tomorrow!! 🀟

Minervadaisy and Rebel Riot Records are putting together a super night with some amazing artists playing, including our fave Olivia Browse ❀ they’ve also got a raffle going, where you can win some super stuff from all the creatives involved – it’s only Β£3 donation at! 😊

you can find the event at WOMEN WHO BOSS IT – free to attend, and any donations go to The Fawcett Society – Official! the event starts at 6pm tomorrow night so don’t miss out on a top one! 🍞

Fresh Batch: michael webster video is live on YouTube! πŸŒΉ

we’ve just uploaded another teaser from our Fresh Batch livestream, with michael webster β˜€οΈ

this one called ‘ibis hotel’, the first single that michael released last year – one of our favourites! 😊 one of the many releases that we put out in 2020!

you can find all of michael’s music on Spotify and streaming sites, or head over to Bandcamp at to find his songs plus a Bandcamp-exclusive EP that he released in December! πŸͺ

if you want to watch the full video, then just head over to where you can find it! (we apologise for the split audio channels.. we had to work with what we’ve got!) 🌹

find all of our features, music and events here on our website at 🍞

Fresh Batch update – now with michael webster! πŸŒΉ

sadly indefinite articles is unable to play our Fresh Batch livestream for you all tonight, but if you’re still in the mood for some live music.. we’ll have our very own michael webster performing a set for you! 🀟

if you’re aware of what we do, we’re pretty sure you know all about michael’s music. hot on the back of his latest single release ‘linger, still / single malt’, michael has been hosting our events and virtual open mics over the lockdown period here in Manchester! 🀠

you can find all of his music on Spotify and other streaming sites, or on Bandcamp at❀ tune in at 8pm here on our Facebook page to catch all the action! 🍞

πŸ“Έ: Christopher James Ryan-Photography

Two days until Fresh Batch: indefinite articles! πŸž

only two days until our next Fresh Batch livestream, this time with the lovely sounds of indefinite articles! 🀟

this is gonna be a super lovely one, we can’t wait to hear some great folk-punk music, with Joseph’s top originals and covers – find his music over on Bandcamp at ! (check out Three Years, one of our faves!) 😎

make sure you keep 8pm on Sunday free for Fresh Batch: indefinite articles! 🍞

Bread Social open mic is tonight! βœŠ

we’re back tonight with our virtual open mic, over in our Bread Social group! 🀟

this has nearly been going on in an online format for a year now.. how crazy! hosted by michael webster, we’ll be starting up from 6pm! come join in 🀠

we have a whole load of talented artists all the way from 6pm til 10pm tonight! don’t miss out! (if you would like a slot, drop michael a message!) 🍞