Fresh Batch: Ayanam (teaser)! ☀️

here’s a little teaser of Ayanam Udoma Music‘s set from our last Fresh Batch livestream! ☀️

this song is Ayanam’s medley of ‘I Love College’ and ‘Backstreet’s Back’ – we love these little medleys that Ayanam comes up with and this sounds class! 😊

you can find the full video of this over on our YouTube over at 🌹 go and check it out and let us know what you think!

if you missed out on the stream, you can rewatch it over on Ayanam’s Facebook page at 😎

check out all of our features over on our website at! 🍞

Fresh Batch: Ayanam Udoma is tonight! ☀️

this is tonight!! 🥰 we’ll have the smooth sounds of Ayanam Udoma Music from 8pm for you!

it’s gonna be a super lovely one tonight with Ayanam playing a full set for us as part of our Fresh Batch feature – these have all been so great so far and we’re really looking forward to this one! 🖤

Ayanam will be live on his page from 8pm, but we’ll share it to our page – make sure you keep your evening free for this one! 🥰

find the event over on Facebook at Fresh Batch: Ayanam Udoma! 🍞

Fresh Batch: Ayanam Udoma is this weekend! 🙂

our next Fresh Batch livestream is this weekend with the lovely Ayanam Udoma Music! 😁

this Sunday from 8pm Ayanam will be performing a full set for us and we can’t wait! 🙃 we’re huge fans of Ayanam’s music and he is one of our favourite people – many drunken memories and we’ve seen him play so many times and he only gets better with every performance! 🖤

you can find his music over on Spotify at – check out ‘Fall in Love in the Afternoon’ (one of our favourites 🥰)

find the event over on Facebook at Fresh Batch: Ayanam Udoma! and keep your 8pm on Sunday free for what will be a lovely night 🍞

Fresh Batch: Ayanam Udoma! 🍞

we can’t wait for our next Fresh Batch livestream with the amazing Ayanam Udoma Music! 🤟

we’ve known Ayanam for a very long time now and it’s always a pleasure to see him perform! we are very excited to hear “Fall In Love In The Afternoon” 🖤

if you’re not familiar with his music, then head over to Spotify here: where you can find all of his music! 🙃

find out more at our event Fresh Batch: Ayanam Udoma! and keep the Sunday the 31st January free from 8pm! don’t miss out! 🍞

Live Life Give Life Fundraiser!

we’re proper looking forward to this one down at Zombie Shack next Friday! Donations will be taken benefitting Live Life Give Life – an organ donation charity doing great work for those who need it most ⚡️

there’ll be some amazing musicians doing their thing including the one and only Ayanam Udoma Music, Mathew Kerry indefinite articles and our very own michael webster 🙃

find out more at the event Live Life Give Life Charity Night at Zombie Shack 🍞