Anyone’s Ghost – Nathan (Official Music Video) â˜€ï¸

the new music video for Anyone’s Ghost’s first track from the EP “A Good Winter in June” is out now 🤘

head over to YouTube at to find the music video – it’s so beautiful and really perfect for the track. we’re so proud of these songs and Wanda for all of this, it’s beautiful to see such a lovely lovely response to it all! thank you guys so much! ❤️

‘A Good Winter in June’ out in 6 DAYS! â˜€ï¸

it’s only 6 DAYS until our very own Anyone’s Ghost‘s new EP ‘A Good Winter in June’ is out!! 😊

we’re super looking forward for this one, it’s gonna be amazing to get it out. head over to Bandcamp at to pre-order it and get it as soon as it’s out! 🤟

📸: Olivia Browse

Pre-order ‘A Good Winter in June’ now! â˜€ï¸

you can pre-order the new EP ‘A Good Winter in June’ from Anyone’s Ghost over on Bandcamp now! 🥰

head over to where you can buy the EP now, you’ll get exclusive access to the song ‘Nathan’ and on the 4th of June the EP will be available in your library immediately! 🤝

we can’t wait to show you this in full. it’s yet another amazing release in the Bread discography, we’re so so so proud of this one (ps and them all, really!) 🍞

📸: Olivia Browse

Anyone’s Ghost – ‘A Good Winter in June’ out 4th June! â˜€ï¸

it is our blooming ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to announce the brand new EP from Anyone’s Ghost ‘A Good Winter in June’ 🥰

we’ve been working with Wanda on this EP for a while now and it’s so lovely to be able to say it will be available everywhere from the 4th of June 2021! 😊 a collection of six beautiful beautiful songs. produced by our very own michael webster 🤟

more information inbound soon about it all. keep your eyes peeled for our THIRD release of the year! 🍞