Red Stripe just hit 10k plays! ☎️

our very own Olivia Browse has just hit 10k streams on Spotify for her first release through the label “Red Stripe”! ☎️

it’s crazy to think you lovely lot have all enjoyed it so much you’ve streamed it so many times – big love to everyone who’s listened! ❤️ you can find it on Spotify at and on all streaming platforms! 🍞

Nearly at 10k streams on Red Stripe ☀️

our very own Olivia Browse is only 400 streams from 10k on Red Stripe 🍻

we can’t believe one single has almost got 10,000 plays on Spotify… it’s surreal to see. a testament to Liv’s commitment and determination for her music. ☀️ the effort and passion she has for her songs is so inspiring ❤️

go and give it a spin, have a listen and see what you think.. we say it’s a proper banger, but I guess we may be a lil bit biased. 😆 🍞

Two years of “Obliterate/Ugly”! 🎹

yesterday also marked the two year anniversary of the EP “Obliterate/Ugly” we put out with Alien Clouds! ☀️

it was a super lovely honour to work on this, with our michael webster producing it and these are such a lovely collection of songs from AC – beautiful songwriting and melodies that really run so smoothly throughout the EP. we can’t believe it’s been an entire two years! 🤘

you can find it on Spotify and all the streaming sites, or on Bandcamp at where you can purchase a digital copy! 🍞

Four years of Tidal Wave! ☀️

today marks the FOUR YEAR anniversary of our first release with Alien Clouds – their debut album “Tidal Wave”! 🌊

we can’t believe it’s been so long since this came out – we remember working on it and producing it like it was yesterday! 😊 we’re so proud of this album, it’s a beautiful collection of songs that are so personal to AC and they’re so well written, it was an honour to be able to put this out! ❤️

you can find it on all streaming sites, or alternatively on our Bandcamp where you can buy it digital or on a CD! find it at 🍞

Our releases this year! ☀️

we’re so proud of our releases this year on the label 🥰

amazing releases from our lovely artists Alien Clouds Narwhals and Olivia Browse – so much talent and each of the singles are such tunes, we’re blessed to have these guys on our roster 🙌

if you’ve not heard them yet, you can find them all on our Bandcamp at where you can also purchase each for only a quid per song! 🤘 let us know what you think and keep your eyes out for even more stuff, got lots in the works 🍞

“paper dreams” is three years old! 💿

our very own michael webster‘s debut EP “paper dreams” turns three years old today 😱

it feels like an absolute lifetime since we put this out – a year before the pandemic and so so much has happened since then! ☀️ 15 releases and countless gigs and so many more artists. the start of an era, eh? 😆 this is a collection of some of michael’s earlier work, seven songs with tunes like “firewall” and “oceania rendevous” which we reckon you’ll recognise from any gigs!

it’s available to listen to on all streaming platforms, or you can head over to Bandcamp at to find it in full – very limited amount of CDs left too if anyone fancies one! 🍞

“3310 & A Pterosaur” has been out for just over a month! 🪐

our first release from the fantastic Narwhals “3310 & A Pterosaur” has been out for just over a month now! ☀️

we’re super stoked to have these guys on the label, expanding out our roster with their heartfelt and intimate music. Jacob’s songwriting here is exquisite, really bringing you into the story conveyed through the track. the instrumentation and production surrounding Jacob’s vocal is perfect, really expanding out the track and giving it so much room to breathe whilst guiding the song along in such an expert manner. 😊 so many fantastic releases on the label now from our artists, we’re super blessed. 🤘

you can check out the single over on Bandcamp at – have a listen and support us by purchasing it if you fancy! the b-side is a cover of Frightened Rabbit‘s “Good Arms vs Bad Arms”, and it’s a beautiful tribute to Scott. let us know what you think! 🍞

Our brand new single with Narwhals is out now! 🙌

we’re so proud to be able to say that our brand new release from the fantastic Narwhals is out now! ❤️

“3310 & A Pterosaur” is a real triumph of their songwriting ability, the song sounds so gorgeous and we’re really stoked to be working with these guys. the raw emotion on this track is delivered superbly, it’s a tribute to Jacob’s friend who sadly took his own life in 2011 and we’re in awe of how beautiful it is. 🥰

head on over to Bandcamp over at to find the single in full, available for only £2 – it’s also on all streaming sites (bar Spotify!) let us know what you think. we reckon they’re a perfect fit for the label! 🍞

“Calendar Girl” just hit 4000 streams! ✨

super stoked to see that our very own Olivia Browse has just hit 4,000 streams on “Calendar Girl” over on Spotify! 😎

it’s mad to think this has only been out for 5 months too, five months today in actuality – we’re so happy to have this out on the label, it’s a fantastic tune and really shows off Liv’s diverse musical style 🤘 plus the music video is class too (available on YouTube, thanks to Matchbox Productions!) it also features the amazing Szou who does an unreal verse on the track. we love to see it! 🥰

head on over to Spotify at to find all of Olivia’s tunes – check out her singles, they’re proper boss and we’re so glad to see the tunes doing so well! 😊 also available on all other streaming platforms, go and have a gander! 🍞

“January” from Alien Clouds is out now! 🏵

super stoked to be able to say that the brand new Alien Clouds tune “January” is out now! 🪐

we’re so happy to be getting new music out and it’s such a lovely song, with fantastic lyricism and a real indication of AC’s talent – their last release was back in December 2020 and we’ve been working with them for so long now and have created some fantastic music together! we are so excited for what the coming year holds for us and our artists 🥰

head on over to Bandcamp at to check it out in full or on your preferred streaming service 🍞