The Wrap: October 2021 βœ¨

we’re back with our next edition of The Wrap for you all! πŸ™Œ there’s been some amazing music coming out in October and we’re stoked to be able to see it all!

it’s been absolutely fantastic to see so much brilliant music coming out as of late, and with bands and artists back gigging and putting stuff out, it’s definitely come back in force! 😊 check out our in-depth reviews below ⬇️

Chloe Jones has just released this absolutely beautiful tune – ‘New Mexico’ echoes country-esque melodies and soundscapes with some absolutely gorgeous vocals, beautiful imagery in her songwriting and harmonies reminiscent of 70’s folk artists. For sure one to check out! For fans of Joni Mitchell, Laura Marling and Angel Olsen. 🀠 Can’t wait to hear more! (SPOTIFY)

Lovely lo-fi synthpop from Firesites – we love the groove of the track, the guitars in it sound so gorgeous (we love a good vibrato!) 🎸 and that bassline just drives the track so so well. One to listen to at the end of your long day, sit back and relax with this calm and mellow tune. The trumpet solo adds so much to it as well… so well produced, and the video is perfect for the essence of the track. Keep an eye on these guys for sure! 😊 (SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE)

North Manchester-based alternative outfit Exist The Fall have just released their debut album “Jupiter” – beginning with a gorgeous instrumental with some beautiful guitar tones, it opens the rest of the album so well! Suddenly it’s heavy, punky, distorted, driving… it’s exactly what you want from a great alternative album. Great vocals throughout, driving basslines and drum fills, and then some fantastic riffing, this is definitely one to check out for all the heavier fans out there. 🀘 (SPOTIFY)

Manchester indie-rock band PAVΓ‰ have just put out their third single “Come Alive” – with a beautiful lead guitar riff, fantastic vocals, and the rest of the band creating such a huge sound behind them, it’s fantastic to hear! πŸ™Œ We can’t wait to hear this live, it’s one of those tracks that would just open up a crowd and ensue chaos. Can’t wait to see what’s next! (SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE)

Wow! What an absolutely beautiful tune from Manchester-based duo Days Are Done. Harmonies all over the shop, lovely guitarwork, ambient soundscaping… it’s so lush. We heard these at an open mic or two earlier in the year and were blown away and this song is a proper testament to their talents. Well worth a listen, R&B influence, indie vibes, so gorgeous – and such a huge chorus! (SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE)

MYOTO are back with their brand new single “two Step Sally” – and it sounds bloody great. Love the 80s influence in this with the synths and the drums, so huge – fantastic vocals throughout and the build throughout the track is super lush. 😎 the massiveness of the bridge is so great too, using all the elements at their disposal to create a fantastic track! Can’t wait to see what these guys have got for us next! (SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE)

Another lovely release from BlackSheepLad – “Pantomime” has an eerie atmosphere to it, bringing a new level to Phil’s music that we’ve not really seen before! The vocal melodies in the chorus are great, and the track sounds fantastic. Another great tune in BlackSheepLad’s discography! (SPOTIFY)

What a release from one of our favourites, Toria Wooff! “James Edward” is a song we’re very familiar with from gigs in the past, but the essence of it is captured here so perfectly. So well produced and recorded, it really does the song justice – the groove in the second verse is beautiful and the instrumentation, with organs, dulcimers, slide guitar… brilliant, brilliant stuff. The 70’s atmosphere of the video too is spot-on for Toria too, well worth a watch. She only goes from strength to strength and simply astounds us with each release!! ❀️ (SPOTIFY / YOUTUBE)

This month has been absolutely fantastic for music and releases. We can’t capture them all here, else we’d be writing essays, but it’s so lush to be able to bring you all this amazing talent each month! β˜€οΈ we love this one and find so much amazing new music for it! 🀘

Make sure you head on down to open mics, gigs, support local music and arts and keep your scenes going! 😊 all music, videos and images remain copyright of their respective owners. 🍞