New merch alert πŸ€˜


we’ve just got these lovely T shirts done for michael webster‘s previous singles! they’re super comfy, printed by a great local business PD T-shirt prints here in Manchester. we’ve got small, medium and larges (realised that’s a good call…) and a very short run of each. 😊

£12 each, drop us a line to grab yours or simply head over to our Bandcamp store at 🍞

Just The Crust 24/05/21: michael webster – left to speak β˜€οΈ

our feature for today’s Just The Crust is the brand new single from our very own michael webster “left to speak”! 🀟

we’re super proud of this one, we’ve been working so hard to get releases out as well as keeping at it with our features, gigs and the such. it’s been a long time coming for michael’s latest single – a huge anthem about climate change backed with a melodramatic and huge b-side! typical michael webster style. 😎

we hope you enjoy this ridiculous video.. πŸ˜… had to make this one quick up but it kinda fits the vibe of the track well, right? find michael’s latest single in full over on Spotify, Apple Music, all streaming sites – or you can buy it over on Bandcamp😊

keep your eyes peeled and drop michael a like on his page, there’s plenty of things coming up soon so don’t miss out! we’ve got so much planned for the label this summer! πŸ₯°

find all of our features, gigs, releases and more over on our website at ! 🍞

Last day to take part in michael webster’s giveaway! πŸž

it’s the last day that you can take part in michael webster‘s giveaway before the release of his brand new single tomorrow! 🀟

click on this link for more information, it’s all done through Instagram and super easy to get involved in! you could win one of these beautiful prints designed by our very own Anyone’s Ghost πŸ₯°

thank you to everyone who’s got involved so far, your support means the world to us! 🍞

The return of our open mics! β˜€οΈ

it’s TIME! we’re back with our first real-life open mic of the year this coming Thursday from 5pm – 8pm! 🀟 (social distancing and covid rules apply!)

come on down, have a beer, play some tunes, listen to some amazing local artists and most importantly let’s just have a bunch of old school fun. πŸ–€

(ps, we’re also going to have some people livestreaming in our Bread Social group as per usual, for all those who can’t make it! that one will start straight afterwards at 8pm so keep an eye out for it πŸ₯°)

// UPDATE // keep your eye out for more info on this – we’ll be back from next Thursday!

michael webster – “left to speak / unacquainted strangers” out 21st May! βœŠ

we’ve got another release for you guys!! 🀟

on the Friday 21st of May our very own michael webster will be releasing his brand new single “left to speak / unacquainted strangers” – can’t wait for this one! 😊

if you know us here at the label then we’re pretty sure you all know michael – this will be his *9TH RELEASE* (what?!) and it sounds absolutely huge! 🎸 each release only just keeps getting better and better. look at how lush this artwork is too, from the amazingly talented Anyone’s Ghost πŸ₯°

we’ll have a pre-save link for you in due time, and we’ve got something special lined up for that, so keep your eyes on our socials! in the meantime head over to Bandcamp at to find all his previous music! 🍞

Fresh Batch: michael webster video is live on YouTube! πŸŒΉ

we’ve just uploaded another teaser from our Fresh Batch livestream, with michael webster β˜€οΈ

this one called ‘ibis hotel’, the first single that michael released last year – one of our favourites! 😊 one of the many releases that we put out in 2020!

you can find all of michael’s music on Spotify and streaming sites, or head over to Bandcamp at to find his songs plus a Bandcamp-exclusive EP that he released in December! πŸͺ

if you want to watch the full video, then just head over to where you can find it! (we apologise for the split audio channels.. we had to work with what we’ve got!) 🌹

find all of our features, music and events here on our website at 🍞

Fresh Batch update – now with michael webster! πŸŒΉ

sadly indefinite articles is unable to play our Fresh Batch livestream for you all tonight, but if you’re still in the mood for some live music.. we’ll have our very own michael webster performing a set for you! 🀟

if you’re aware of what we do, we’re pretty sure you know all about michael’s music. hot on the back of his latest single release ‘linger, still / single malt’, michael has been hosting our events and virtual open mics over the lockdown period here in Manchester! 🀠

you can find all of his music on Spotify and other streaming sites, or on Bandcamp at❀ tune in at 8pm here on our Facebook page to catch all the action! 🍞

πŸ“Έ: Christopher James Ryan-Photography

Bread Social open mic is tonight! βœŠ

we’re back tonight with our virtual open mic, over in our Bread Social group! 🀟

this has nearly been going on in an online format for a year now.. how crazy! hosted by michael webster, we’ll be starting up from 6pm! come join in 🀠

we have a whole load of talented artists all the way from 6pm til 10pm tonight! don’t miss out! (if you would like a slot, drop michael a message!) 🍞

2020 releases! 🌹

we’re still super stoked that we got ALL of these releases out in 2020! so many songs across all of these, definitely worth checking out 🀟

we have such a lovely Bread family here.. keep your eyes peeled for even MORE stuff this year! 😎 drop michael webster and Adam Carpenter Music a like whilst you’re here as well.

with all the news of reopening the UK, you’re sure we’ll be back out there soon enough. we can’t wait for the day when we can celebrate music again, with a lovely cold pint in hand 🍞

find all our music over on our Bandcamp at !

Around the Campfire with michael webster! βœŠ

our very own michael webster will be performing a set at this tonight! 🎸 at midnight tonight (UK time, 7pm est!) he’ll be playing a thirty-minute set!

some fantastic artists on this bill, including The Sea Grapes Sweetie Darling and Elizabeth Owens. definitely worth staying up late for! 🀟 always time for checking out the full lineup of artists, that’s what we always say 😎

you can watch it for free over at or head to YouTube to tune in as well! 🍞