Loafin’ Around last night was incredible! πŸ₯ͺ

ooosh what a night yesterday over at The Bread Shed Manchester for our first “Loafin’ Around” with Farrow & Friends Promotions! 🀘

massive love to all the acts who played, yous all absolutely smashed your sets and really made it a special one. 😊 big up Midnight People Oli Boyton Tommy Cei Margo and Walter Kocays! some of the best up-and-coming talent here in Manchester, well worth checking out. 🌹

we were astounded by the turnout and a huge thank you to everyone who came down, Ethan on the sound, Max taking photos, The Bread Shed for hosting us and ofc our partner in crime Laura Farrow for all the hard work she put in πŸ‘Š keep your eyes peeled for even more in the future! 🍞

Loafin’ Around tonight from 7pm! πŸ₯ͺ

absolutely buzzing for tonight! β˜€οΈ our first of the “Loafin’ Around” gigs with Farrow & Friends Promotions over at The Bread Shed Manchester!

we’ve got a stellar lineup for you tonight with Midnight People Margo Oli Boyden Tommy Cei and Walter KocaysπŸ‘Š some of Manchester’s finest here doing their thing!

we’ll be starting up around 7pm or so, come on down and catch some amazing musicians performing in a lovely venue 😊 gonna be proper boss this. only Β£6 OTD to get four hours of live music! 🍞