New music callout! β˜€οΈ

we’re always looking for new music to feature! πŸ₯°

if you’ve got a new release just drop us a message at and we’ll do our best to get you on a feature. we love finding new music and supporting the local scene here in the North West! ❀

we’ve got a lot of plans for the coming months, with gigs, features and even more! find it all on our website here at to find em all 🍞

Creative call-out! β˜€οΈ

we’re trying our best to not only help out musicians and artists in the North, but all creatives! get in touch with us for a new feature we’ve got planned (inspired by @thegemc0llective and @wherearethegirlbands on Instagram)! β˜€οΈ

if you’re say, a sound engineer, photographer, videographer, tattoo artist, painter, marketing expert, anything that you think could be of benefit to artists, we want to feature your stuff and help create a lovely community up here that help each other out! ❀

just drop us over a message at ! 😊 ps, this feature might also have the best Bread pun name we’ve ever thought of! 🍞

Callout to artists, musicians and creatives πŸŒΉ

callout to any artists, bands, musicians.. if you’re releasing any new music, let us know! we’re always down to help out with promotion and feature local musicians on our features. 😎

we’ve been doing our online features now for around a year, and it’s super lovely to see just how many songs/releases we’ve featured over the pandemic! 🀟

we are mostly looking for folk/indie/alternative/singer-songwriters, but anything is considered! just get in touch at 🀠

we also put on livestreams and in the future, more gigs! so keep an eye out 🍞