Fresh Batch: Boxes is tonight! 🤘

this one is tonight!! 🤟

we’re live with Boxes from 8pm tonight on Facebook – they’ve just released their brand new single “Over” which is currently #1 in the iTunes Country charts! Fantastic tune 🥰

make sure you tune in on Facebook from 8pm today to catch them performing for us. we can’t wait for this one! head over to our event Fresh Batch: Boxes! to find out more! 🍞

Fresh Batch: Boxes is this Sunday! 🎧

we can’t wait for this one coming up on Sunday! 🤟

the fantastic Boxes will be live for us as part of our Fresh Batch livestreams, following the release of their brand new single “Over”! 😊 head over to their Spotify page at and drop them a follow to be notified as soon as it’s out!

they’ll be live for us over on Facebook this Sunday 9th May at 8pm – we’re really looking forward to this one and hearing the new track! find out more at our Facebook event Fresh Batch: Boxes! 🍞

Fresh Batch: Boxes! ☀️

we’re back with our next Fresh Batch livestream on the Sunday 9th May with the amazing Boxes! 🤟

can’t wait for this one, we’ve had Boxes play for us a bunch of times and every single time they’ve smashed it. class band with some absolutely fantastic tunes – love the country-rock blend in there and such great songwriting. 🌞

they’ll be releasing their brand new single “Over” on the 7th of May so we can’t wait to hear that one live! in the meantime, head over to their Spotify at to check out their previous EP “Why Don’t You Listen”! 😊

we’ll be live on the Sunday 9th of May with them from 8pm so don’t miss out on this one! Find out more at our event Fresh Batch: Boxes! 🍞

Last night at Baked Goods: Featuring Boxes!

We had an incredible night yesterday for Baked Goods: Featuring Boxes down at The Old Abbey Taphouse 🙂 a big thank you to everyone who performed, including Boxes The Cottons Mark Pratt music and La Capsula 🏵️ we’ll be back here for our next event on the Friday 13th September for Baked Goods: Featuring Crying Beauty Queens 🍞

Baked Goods: Featuring Boxes is tonight!

this is tonight! We’ll be down at The Old Abbey Taphouse from 7:30pm for our event Baked Goods: Featuring Boxes 🙂🙃

we’ll have the amazing Boxes headlining with support from The CottonsMark Pratt music La Capsula and michael webster

this looks like it’ll be a top night of live music so don’t miss out, come on down and catch some of the finest artists in Manchester 🍞🍞

Baked Goods: Featuring Boxes!

next Thursday down at The Old Abbey Taphouse we’ll have the brilliant Boxes headlining! 🙃

they’re a country rock band who have performed across Manchester and they’ve continued to amaze us! You can catch them on Spotify at…

we’ll have a great lineup of artists including The Cottons La Capsula Mark Pratt music and michael webster! Don’t miss out on a top night – find more at Baked Goods: Featuring Boxes 🍞