New music callout! β˜€οΈ

we’re always looking for new music to feature! πŸ₯°

if you’ve got a new release just drop us a message at and we’ll do our best to get you on a feature. we love finding new music and supporting the local scene here in the North West! ❀

we’ve got a lot of plans for the coming months, with gigs, features and even more! find it all on our website here at to find em all 🍞

One year posting streak!?! πŸž

we’re on a ONE YEAR posting streak!?! πŸ₯³

blooming heck it’s been a busy year. we’ve done so much lately in regards to all of our features and gigs and that – we’re currently working on actual in person gigs and incorporating that into our features, and then we’ve got even more releases planned out for you guys. gonna be insane! ✊ a shout out to all the artists we’ve featured and had playing for us for the past year – couldn’t do it without you guys!! 😊

we’ve got everything on our website, where you can find all of what we’ve done, plenty and plenty of local music for you guys to check out! β˜€οΈ we’re super hyped for what’s to come! 🍞

Find all of our features! πŸž

remember you can find all of our features over on our website! 😊

we do weekly new music features, a monthly radio, a fortnightly livestream and we’ve also got our Local Loaf playlist full of some of the best talent up here in the North πŸ₯° definitely something for everyone here!

find it all on our website here at – got a few more features planned too, and we’re sorting gigs out for the future… a busy one! 🍞