Bread Radio Episode One came out a week ago! πŸž

our first episode of Bread Radio came out a week ago today! πŸ₯° featuring music from Harrison Rimmer Toria Wooff indefinite articles Katie O’Malley Mathew Kerry and Chloe Glover it’s a great one!! πŸ™ƒ

you can go and catch it here or on YouTube at 🍞

Bread Radio Episode 1: available tomorrow! πŸž

we’ve got a brand new feature coming for you tomorrow!! 🀘

‘Bread Radio’ will be featuring some of our favourite songs from artists on the local scene, and will be available right here on Facebook or on YouTube at πŸ™ƒ make sure you subscribe to get the latest updates!

this has taken us a while to sort but we’re sure it’ll be worth it! the first episode will be live at 2pm!! 🍞