“3310 & A Pterosaur” has been out for just over a month! πŸͺ

our first release from the fantastic Narwhals “3310 & A Pterosaur” has been out for just over a month now! β˜€οΈ

we’re super stoked to have these guys on the label, expanding out our roster with their heartfelt and intimate music. Jacob’s songwriting here is exquisite, really bringing you into the story conveyed through the track. the instrumentation and production surrounding Jacob’s vocal is perfect, really expanding out the track and giving it so much room to breathe whilst guiding the song along in such an expert manner. 😊 so many fantastic releases on the label now from our artists, we’re super blessed. 🀘

you can check out the single over on Bandcamp at https://narwhalsuk.bandcamp.com/album/3310-a-pterosaur – have a listen and support us by purchasing it if you fancy! the b-side is a cover of Frightened Rabbit‘s “Good Arms vs Bad Arms”, and it’s a beautiful tribute to Scott. let us know what you think! 🍞

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