Final guest ‘MARKO’ announced for Olivia’s single launch ☀️

our final artist for Olivia Browse‘s single launch at Lions Den Manchester (a week today!!!) is the insanely talented MARKO! 🤘

since we heard Marko’s past mixtapes we have absolutely loved his unique sound blending pop, indie, grunge, hyperpop, dance and plenty more influences to create such a fantastic mesh of genres that makes such a standout-sound 😊 incredible artist and such a great songwriter – a real one to watch for the future!! 🙌

with our final artist announce we are super stoked for this one – we’ve got music from not only Olivia and Marko but also the fab Fordaze and Scatterchild – it’s gonna be a proper boss night this! 😎 find out more at our event ‘Lonelier Than You’ Single Launch!

with only a week to go, make sure you get your tickets asap – don’t miss out on one of our favourite lineups yet!! 🍞

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