Scatterchild announced as another support for ‘Lonelier Than You’ launch gig πŸ™Œ

we’re actually well made up that the amazing Scatterchild will be another of our secret supports for Olivia Browse‘s headline show over at Lions Den Manchester on the 26th Nov!! β˜€οΈ

after we first heard of them we loved their songwriting style, they have such a unique sound and just are all around fantastic chaps! 😊 we had them on at our first Cream of the Crop after the lockdowns and they absolutely smashed their set, and their latest single is bloody fantastic too. 🀘

we’re so stoked to be able to catch them live again – make sure you head on over to their Spotify at and check out their tunes! πŸ₯ͺ their latest video for “Tough Love” is proper boss too, well worth a watch on YouTube!

can’t wait for this gig, shaping up to be a boss one with Scatterchild Fordaze and Olivia with even one more support to announce! πŸ₯° get your tickets here: 🍞

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