Artist Spotlight – Scatterchild! ☀️

Cream of the Crop: THE RETURN! is A WEEK ON SATURDAY! we can not wait for our return to gigs – the open mics have been really fantastic as of late and we can not wait to see how these gigs turn out! 😊

we will have the fantastic Scatterchild performing for us – we’ve covered their music a few times in the past and we’re really looking forward to their set! they’re a indie rock band with such a strong discography out, ranging from full on bangers to more serene and calming tunes (i.e. their last song, “No Sense To End”!) 🤘

you can find their releases in full over on their Spotify at – definitely worth giving them a listen, drop them a follow and add some tunes to your playlists ✊

Cream of the Crop will be returning to The Thirsty Scholar on the Saturday 7th August from 1-5pm.. we’ve got a fantastic lineup for you and it’s FREE ENTRY! absolutely made up! 🍞

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