Best Independent Record Label FINALISTS! âœŠ

how amazing were the North West Music Awards from Red Spot Events the other night?! 🤟 sadly, we didn’t win, but to even be finalists alongside Jacaranda Records and Sour Grapes Records was absolutely insane. they’re doing some absolutely incredible work and we’re in awe to have even have been nominated. Congrats to Jacaranda Records for winning!! 😊

another big shout is to MILLICENT for winning best music video, James Holt for winning best solo artist and Waterloo Music Bar Blackpool for winning best venue! there was SO much talent nominated and we’d have loved to have seen everyone win, but that’s just the way it goes! 🖤

we just wanna say a huge thank you to Olivia Browse Adam Carpenter Music and Anyone’s Ghost – this isn’t possible without you guys, and running this label is a blessing to know all of you amazing people and help put your music out. I’ve been doing this on my own for a long time and it’s really awesome to see that the work I’ve been doing has been recognised like this. 🥰

a final thank you is to everyone who’s come to a gig, bought a piece of merch, listened to any of our music – you guys who support us really keep us going. this is the reason why I keep on at all of this, it’s often quite a hard thing to do, but the support of the community keeps me going. I try to keep the label and my own music a lil bit separate, but thank you all – a brief word from michael webster 🍞

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