‘Best Independent Record Label’ FINALISTS!! πŸž

OH WOW you guys!!!! 😱we’ve managed to get to the finals in the North West Music Awards for ‘Best Independent Record Label” with Red Spot Events!! 🀟

it’s a bit of a late post this one as we’ve only just found out.. but we’ve just released Olivia Browse‘s single, then we get told about this… what a day!! πŸ₯°

we could never have even got this without all your support and we are SO grateful that we have such a lovely community behind us ❀ this means all of what we do will be judged by people behind the likes of BBC Radio Manchester XS Manchester Happy Mondays New Order and a whole load more!!! HOW INSANE! πŸ˜…

there’ll be a livestream event on the 19th of May to determine the winners – head over to Red Spot Events page to find out more in the coming weeks, and we’ll be sure to keep you all informed of what’s going on 😎

think after all of today’s craziness I need a can of red stripe to celebrate πŸ˜‰ thank you all so much! 🍞

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