Update on the North West Music Awards ☀️

just a lil post today to remind you guys that the voting for the Red Spot Events North West Music Awards is still open, til Tuesday 6th April! 🤟🤟

we’ve been nominated for ‘BEST INDEPENDENT RECORD LABEL’ ….. how surreal! 😅 we just want to say a bloody huge thank you to everyone who has voted already – we’ve had such a lush response to this and to see you guys actively supporting us like this is just, well, insane. thank you guys SO much! 🥰

we just wanna give a lil recommendation to also vote for Tay Temple for best new track, MILLICENT for best music video and UNO MAS for best new band! gotta rep those who support you, and are making waves on the scene here in the North West. ❤️

if you haven’t voted yet, then simply head over to this link – https://forms.gle/VAVuHJYniiAkFgQc6 where it takes two minutes to do!! 🍞

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